Governor Yahaya Bello is the worst thing that ever happened to kogi state ,Deji Adeyanju

Governor Yahaya Bello

Deji Adeyanju, an Abuja-based human rights activist, has taken to social media platforms to criticise Governor Yahaya Bello over his response to the flooding that has affected the majority of Kogi state. Deji, who is also a citizen of Kogi state, did not see any leadership in the way the Governor handled the crisis, and he described Yahaya Bello as the worst thing that ever happened to the people of Kogi state.

Yahaya Bello is the worst thing to ever happen to Kogi state. When this similar flooding happened in our state in 2012, former governor -Wada was able to mobilize all stakeholders to help the state. Today, the clown parading himself as governor has fought with all stakeholders and Dangote. The By-Pass Road that Wada was constructing which was 60% completed was abandoned since he became governor. That road could have served as an alternative now for road users. He has done nothing except owing civil servants 5yrs salary arrears and wasting billions on a childish presidential aspiration. Funds he could have used to construct a dam was given to delegates and wasted on television adverts. The over N120bn alleged in Dino Melaye’s petition to the EFCC to have been looted could have also be used to prevent this flooding. Now, he is taking a ride on a canoe . Is this governance?