A Pakistani father in Karachi set fire to his kid, who was 12 years old at the time, after the youngster failed to provide satisfactory responses to queries on his academic performance.
Shaheer Khan suffered severe burns in the tragic event that took place on September 14 in the Orangi town of the Pakistani city. He was rushed to the hospital after the incident, but doctors were unable to save him, and he passed away as a result of his injuries two days later.
His father Nazir allegedly tried to scare his son into finishing his homework by pouring kerosene on him and lighting a match on top of him. However, the flame ignited the oil, which set the child on fire. Fortunately, the child survived. In the wake of the incident, Shaheer’s mother, Shazia, was interviewed by Geo News. During the course of the interview, she burst into tears.

The dreadful event took occurred in the Orangi town of Karachi, Pakistan, on September 14th.
According to Salim, the man’s explanation to the police was that he tried to frighten the child by pouring the extremely combustible liquid on him and then lighting a match.

Reportedly, Nazir admitted to his crime upon being detained, which came about as a result of his wife initiating legal action against him in response to the passing of their kid.


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