2023: Why Ogunbiyi return to PDP will rejuvenate Atiku’s Presidential bid – Concerned PDP Forum

Concerned PDP Positive Forum and an umbrella body for the youthful political stakeholders has expressed it disappointment in the fusillades of reactions to the symbolic re-entry of Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, the erstwhile Accord Party’s candidate in the July 16th Guber election.

The coordinator of the forum Comrade Wole Rasheed Alabi in a statement on Sunday said the effusion of reactions were the ones querying the inclusion of the renown Insurance magnate in Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Team list.

Especially pathetic are those questioning the wisdom of the party echelon for taking such ‘strange’ decision. He said

“It could be noted that the list consist of eminent creme de la creme of PDP gladiators from the past to the present.”

“The crux of the matter is the need for PDP to reclaim power from the despoiler APC government. To those questioning the fantastic comeback of the IleOgbo strongman, it’s bad political gambit to welcome the Idera De man back to the PDP through back door.”

“The motley opinion holders even opined that receiving Dr. Ogunbiyi with warm embrace after the fiercely fought internecine ‘war’ of recent is akin to sending bad signals to the diligent and consistently loyal party acolytes. “

“It’s the same people who are opposing the returns of ‘big fishes’ as Dr. Ogunbiyi that should be accused of playing dirty politics.”

He wondered: “I wonder what else are we expecting from the man who has displayed high degree of sportsmanship since the conclusion of the election. He had congratulated the winner and since moved on.

“As a Nigerian who enjoys his freedom of Association at all times, he left the PDP when he deemed it fit, all the reasons given then are immaterial as of today, if he now chooses to return, to us it’s a heroic decision and brave one at that.” “It’s indeed a golden lesson for the upcoming politicians to take notes of the vaunting dynamics of politics.”

“The big will always play it big…the deep calls to the deep, and just as they say that relocate an elephant from Kano to Akwa Ibom, an elephant will forever remain big mammal,” he added.

Comrade Wole Rasheed Alabi further pointed out that politics apart, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi is a veritable asset to the society. As Atiku is mounting the saddle soonest, the Waziri Adamawa needs all hands to be on decks to recalibrate the political fortune of the ‘already failed state’ of Nigeria.

The pervasive wealth of experience and global reach of people like Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi are so much needed to assuage the droughts of virtually everything in the country. So, let no man beguile the famished people of our state and country with warped narratives any further.

Then, even if it is about politics, with Ogunbiyi and his people back with us, are we not just the better for it? Don’t tell me that some people are marshalling their sense of preservation to the discourse? It’s going to be entertaining unnecessary can because there’s more than enough to go round.

The sky is wide and spacious enough for birds to flap wings. The C3P therefore calls on the politically miffed and disgruntled to have a rethink and think positively as we collectively take the party out of the doldrums and regain power after so many years out of reckoning.