Nigeria Singer Bnxn\s is trending as it’s rumour came out to alleged his Swedish girlfriend releases his n#de after he impregnated and d¥mped her

A Swedish woman who says she is the singer Bnxn’s girlfriend has publicly accused him of cheating.

The lady, who goes by the name Filma Jonas, claims that she and the singer were in a relationship, but he recently dumped her after impregnating her. She has identified herself as Jonas.

“I am pregnant for Bnxn,” she claimed, “and he is trying to silence me and run away from his duty because I live in Sweden.”

He told me he doesn’t have a child and he wants one but not with a Nigerian girl, and he made us have s#x. However, when I found out I was pregnant and called him, he blocked me and had his friends and manager talk to me instead.

They were trying to persuade me to get an abortion by offering their advice. He is aware that doing so goes against my cultural norms.

Instead, his manager advised me that I should view this as a positive experience for me, even if I even


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