A father named Malam Tukur has described how the kidnappers who killed his son, Abdulmalik Tukur, who was 32 years old, did so after receiving N500,000 from them.
On the evening of August 1, 2022, the victim and six other people were kidnapped from the home he shared with his family in the Vinkilang community, which is located on the outskirts of Yola, the capital of Adamawa state.
The other five victims are said to have been freed one at a time after a ransom of up to N400,000 was paid for each of them, as reported by Daily Trust.
It was confirmed by Malam Tukur that the kidnappers demanded N50 million in exchange for the release of Tukur’s son.
An agreement was reached with the family of the victim after three days of negotiation. The family of the victim then dispatched a representative to deliver the sum of N500,000 at a location in the bush.
Around 7 o’clock on Thursday evening, a member of the family delivered the funds, and the kidnappers forced both the family member and Tukur to count the bills to ensure that the funds were unharmed.
“After assisting them in counting the notes, they gave Tukur permission to go back to his house. They shot him without providing any justification as he began to make his way toward freedom “It was said by his father.
He stated that the murder has shocked family and friends both in Yola and in their hometown of Numan, and that they have surrendered the matter to God. He stated that the murder took place in Numan.
Abdulmalik was born in Numan, and he spent his childhood in Kasuwan Izala Numan. There, he received both his primary and secondary education at the Bright future school. After that, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Technology degree in Biotechnology from Futy, which is now known as Modibbo Adama University.
Chinenye Sylvester, who was Abdulmalik’s former classmate, characterized him as an intelligent and gregarious young man who enjoyed having a good time.
“He is consistently one of the top students in my class. He has many aspirations and is a friend to everyone who comes into contact with him. This is extremely upsetting.

“Malik is a young man who is full of aspirations, and his family worked hard to ensure that he received a good education by enrolling him in the best schools


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