Adeyanju Deji & Dele Momodu posted fake dollar deposited slip in an attempt to trick me into making a transfer, MrBen

Today marked one week since Adeyanju Deji and our Egbon Boss Dele Momodu posted this fake dollar deposited slip in an attempt to trick me into making a transfer, but they were unsuccessful. It’s also on the records that I demanded full disclosure as a participant in the game, both privately and on public spaces, where this whole betting scam was initially initiated by Deji. Unfortunately, it was never the conversation that he wanted to have with me, but he kept pressuring me to pay like a mumu guy would do…

Throughout the entirety of this conversation, I came to the realization that Nigerians are the reason our leaders treated them with such a high level of contempt. Some Nigerians have urged me to pay despite all the red light questions I raise, such as the legitimacy of using Dele momodu campaign donations, Dele momodu’s refusal to show hard proof that Deji indeed paid into that account and proof of the funds, such as a bank alert; instead of doing the needed both of them has been invasive”

I know well enough been a leader is thinking rationally and doing things correctly, “they wanted me to prove to them how manly I am. Currently, Nigeria is at a crossroads, and we are heading towards the election. Some candidates who should have no business being in government anymore are out there seeking for your votes, even though they have failed at every opportunity given to them to demonstrate their competence.

Some people even think I talked too much, which is another reason why a candidate only needs to offer them yam and cassava—just two words—to get their support and cause them to toss away their next four or eight years. I have therefore officially announced my withdrawal from such bet, this last one week has once again prove that lies only grow wide in the absence of truth, Deji and his supporters can now hide their face in shame! God bless Nigeria and God protect Peter Obi #peterobi