Update on Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy trial for rape in Uk

According to evidence shown in court, the lady who has accused footballer Benjamin Mendy of rape was in a WhatsApp group with another alleged victim of sex assault who intended to sue Manchester City.
The woman claims that Mr. Mendy sexually assaulted her at his home in 2020, where she claims he boasted about having intercourse with 10,000 other women.
She denied attempting to “minimise” her knowledge of a different lady who claimed the player had sexually assaulted her.
Eight counts of rape are brought against him.
In addition, the 28-year-old French international is charged with two counts each of attempted rape and sexual assault.

At his estate in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire, some ladies claimed that they had their phones taken away, while others spoke of being attacked in secluded rooms.
Mendy allegedly threatened to abduct the accuser.
After taking a shower, Mendy tried to rape a woman, the jury heard
Women are disposable to “predator” Mendy, the jury was informed
The jury at Chester Crown Court heard testimony from a lady on Thursday who said that in October 2020, Mr. Mendy raped her three times and left her bleeding.
The “hardest thing that makes me angry is how many times I said no,” she continued.

Another complainant, who was 24 at the time, claims that the football player grabbed her groin over her clothing on January 2, 2021, when they were at a party at his house.
A depiction of Mr. Matturie and Mr. Mendy by an artist

Mr. Mendy and Mr. Matturie both contend that they are innocent of all charges.
The first woman denied attempting to “minimise” knowing the second complainant during cross-examination by Eleanor Laws QC, Mr. Mendy’s attorney.
She told police in a statement: “I think I may have met her once but cannot be sure,” the court heard her say, adding that the two ladies had a mutual friend.
The lady testified to the jury that she made her rape claim to police in November 2020 and learned about the other woman’s groping allegation in February 2021.
She claimed the pain of repeating her own experience forced her to take two months off work.
Following the two women’s encounter in February, the other woman reportedly went to the police.
She went to the police two days after learning of each other’s accusations, according to Ms. Laws.
Has she ever mentioned to you that she wanted to sue Manchester City for what happened to her as a result of what happened?”

“I don’t recall,” the woman retorted.
Thomas Louis Saha

Louis Saha Matturie, according to the prosecution, was Mr. Mendy’s fixer who would “discover young women.”

The witness admitted they had both been with other ladies on an overnight trip to Wales but claimed she didn’t remember them being members of the WhatsApp group “Sunday Shlagggs.”
Regarding what had transpired between her and Mr. Mendy, she denied trying to “exaggerate and lie.”

“Had you convinced yourself that Mr. Mendy had done something wrong that night and not something fully consensual?” Ms. Laws said.
“I’m very confident I did not grant consent,” the witness retorted.

What transpired in that room with Mr. Mendy while you were intoxicated—did you do anything you later regretted and felt ashamed of?—Ms. Laws continued.
The witness answered, “Absolutely not.”
William Mendy

Following the allegations, Manchester City suspended the French international. Mr. Mendy, who vigorously denies all of the allegations against him, is standing trial with co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie, 41.
Salford resident Mr. Matturie has refuted allegations of eight instances of rape and four incidents of sexual assault.
Both guys said that whatever intercourse they may have had with women or girls was mutually agreed upon.

The woman was questioned by prosecutor Timothy Cray QC about her decision to contact the police and pursue a case against Mendy.

She answered: “I simply did not want to stay here any longer, and that was the major factor.

“I have some very great friends and a great work, but I couldn’t go on not being myself. That’s a really scary concept for me.

“I can attempt to continue if someone just listened and it’s out of me. I didn’t want to lead a life where I essentially no longer wanted to be here.” I didn’t want to harm my family or my sister in that way.”
The trial goes on.
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