EFCC Arresting of Nigeria Accountant General Ahmed Idris For N80 Billion Fraud is another Case of disagreement among looters, MrBen

EFCC Arrested Nigeria Accountant General Ahmed Idris For N80 Billion Fraud

The news of Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arresting of the Accountant General of the Federation Ahmed Idris over alleged diversion of N80 billion is not surprising news to me

When the agency confirmed his arrest on Monday I was just shaking my head in complete lost of what to say or write,

It was that bad that I went to bed without eating food 菱“thinking maybe looking at the sealing will help me gather my thought and come up with a logical reason why one man will think it’s okay to steal that amount of money under Mr. integrity government, when our universities and ASUU is on strike for much less of needs

Idris who was first appointed in June 2015, was a former Director of Finance and Account at the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development.

He had also served as Director of Finance and Accounts at the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) headquarters in Abuja
President Buhari reappointed him back into his position after he’s reelection in 2019 means this man has been managing the federation account since President assumed office so you can just imagine the kind of people president has gathered around himself for the last 7years

The Agency said they arrested him in connection with diversion of funds and money laundering activities to the tune of N80 billion.

The audacity to Loots under Buhari government is astonishing, and it’s crazy to imagine how one man can remove N80 billion Naira from public funds and begin to start a building projects right while he still in the office, He did that because he knew nothing will happen to him, the highest punishment he can get is this breaking news and a little public shaming for just little while and a bit of drama in court if the case ever goes to court, and he will move to enjoy he’s money in Dubai

We all remembered when the former EFC Charmin MAGU was Acrimoniously removed from his post and locked up for days and this same government open an investigation against him that he has stolen billions of Nigeria money, today that case has seen it own natural death and Magu was promoted yesterday to higher rank in Nigeria police force,

Recently, president Buhari who was elected as a prudent man with Credential of Anti-corruption fight waked up to pardon two former Governors who were convicted for stealing billions from their various state to the dismayed of his supporters,

So we can be rest assured the Accountant general have nothing to worry about as this case will quickly disappear;

He can moved on and enjoy his loots,
Nigerians have come to know that the bigger you loot  the bigger chance you have to walk free in Buhari nigeria which’s the reason they go harder in cashing out whenever they have the opportunity serve the nation,

So for me personally there’s nothing to celebrate here, he was probably exposed because he offended someone at the top of looting table in the government ,

The news will come and go and nothing will happen.

So, our president should understand corruption and insecurity and injustice will be part of his legacy for now let another looter in waiting take over the job of accountant general and continue from where Ahmed Idris stopped,