More drama as Brazilian beauty confirmed affair with Korra Obidi’s husband right before divorce saga

Despite what Dr Justin Dean made us to believe that he’s marriage was broken down because of Korra cheating, A woman is alleging that she had a full-blown affair with Dr. Justin Dean,
Looking at all the evidence we have gathered @nig24news ,

we can exclusively confirm it’s Justin that’s the cheater, while many have been quick to cast doubt on Korra, we have always resolved that there’s more to this drama than Justine is making us to believe, so we went digging. Korra must have been through lot in the innocent looking Justin , it’s sad that many nigeria did not believe her, now we have got all the evidence that proved the husband of Instagram dancer Korra Obidi was cheating on her even before he publicly admits their marriage has hit rock

Nig24news is here to spill some beans about he’s extraordinarily Justin went to hide he’s cheating, He has friend in Brazil, and he mistreated this young and took advantage of her, promising her heaven and earth. You recalled Justin recently accused some Nigeria top celebrities of sleeping with wife,
In a chat that surfaced online 8 weeks ago, Justine Dean accused his wife, Korra Obidi, of cheating on him with Mavin Record boss, Don Jazzy.

Justin Dean narrated how he discovered his wife Korra Obidi’s has sexual relationship with Don Jazzy while he was making threats to spill more details about it in public himself was busy having affair with One Brazilian beauty way back before the daughter was born
Well the young Brazilian beauty has exclusively contacted us to shared more details on their affair, and he’s promised, The young Brazilian woman accused Justin Dean have been manipulating her , We have messages and intimate pictures of them

Dean, who wrote when he announced their separation giving reason how he was tired of Korra narcissism, cheating, and lack of accountability. On that post, he wrote, I have been trying since 2018 to save our marriage and if I don’t do exactly what she says, she divorces me (sic). I have been a prisoner who has his family used against him if she does not get exactly what she wants.” Well, Justin has been cheating on Korra not the other round!

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