Kyiv claims Russia is suffering ‘colossal losses as Poland sends 200 tanks to Ukrainian government

Poland has sends over 100 tanks to Ukraine even as Kyiv claims Russia is suffering ‘colossal losses’ in East and another of Putin’s oil depots is set ablaze

Ukraine’s friends have massively stepped up support for the government of Ukrain as fierce fighting rages in the east, with Kyiv’s generals today saying that Russia is suffering ‘colossal’ casualties in the pivotal battle for Donbas.

Oleksiy Arestovych, a Ukrainian secret service veteran-turned presidential adviser, acknowledged his military is suffering ‘serious losses’ on battlefields in the east but insisted that Russia’s casualties are ‘much, much worse’.

Meanwhile Ukraine continues to carry out attacks behind Russian lines to cut off vital supply routes, with a fuel dump in the Donetsk region catching fire today.

Kyiv has not acknowledged carrying out any of the attacks – which have also hit railway bridges and ammo dumps – but is widely thought to be orchestrating them.

  • Poland has sent 200 T-72 tanks to Ukraine as part of heavy weapons shipment
  • Mobile artillery, drones and missile launchers also sent as part of $1.6bn package
  • Comes as allies step up support to Ukraine, with US pledging $33bn in support
  • Fierce fighting is underway in Ukraine’s east, as presidential adviser admits suffering losses but says Russian casualties are ‘colossal’