President Zelensky To Putin: God will not forgive you

_Fumes Over Outrageous Killings Of Ukrainians

Amidst Russia-Ukraine conflicts, President, Volodymyr Zelensky On Sunday has disclosed that “God will never forgive Russia” for the destruction and killings currently being meted out to his country.

Zelensky said this in a new Facebook video on Sunday noting that Putin has committed a “deliberate murder”

The two countries will return to the table to find a way to resolve their differences on Monday (today) but before then, the war, already in its second week, will go on as the Ukrainians vow to defend their democratic system at all cost.

“Today is Forgiveness Sunday. But we cannot forgive the hundreds upon hundreds of victims. Nor the thousands upon thousands who have suffered,” Zelensky said.

“And God will not forgive. Not today. Not tomorrow. Never. And instead of forgiveness, there will be Judgment,” he said.

The President accused President Vladimir Putin of Russia of planning “deliberate murder” in the shelling of Ukrainian territory.

“For tomorrow Russia has officially announced the shelling of our territory. Our enterprises of the defense complex. Most were built decades ago by the Soviet government, built in cities,” he cried out.

Recall at least 1.5 million people has reportedly left the country for safety, while hundreds have been killed and injured since Russia began the invasion of Ukraine