It’s easier to replace Lukaku than Thomas Tuchel – Jamie Carragher

Liverpool Legend and Sky Sport Analysts, Jamie Carragher, has said that it’s more easier to replace, Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku than Thomas Tuchel

Lukaku has been subjected to many criticism following his comments in a recent interview.

The Belgian who was left out from the squad who faced Liverpool on Sunday has arose concern from football pundits. But Carragher believes it will be more easier to get rid of the striker than coach [Thomas Tuchel]

“ I actually think it may be easier to replace Lukaku than Thomas Tuchel, I think they’ve got a real top manager here “Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports

“In the past, the players have always won against the manager. Right now, I think in terms of top managers in world football, I’d say there’s a dearth of them” he added