By: Mustapha Olaniyi

The simple say is that you need people who think bigger than you, that dream bigger, that believe bigger.

“If you’re the smartest one in your group, your group is too small. When you’re connected to people that are favored, people that are further along, that favor is going to flow down to you. There should be people in your life that inspire you, that challenge you, that make you strive to do better.”

Here’s a key, pulling someone else down will never make you rise higher. If you sow disrespect, you’re going to reap disrespect. Let’s be people that celebrate success, that learn from those that are ahead, that honor people that have been blessed.

You need to disconnect from people that are hindering your growth, causing you to compromise, and find some favor connections: people that are going places, people that are at another level, people that have what you dream about. You need some eagles in your life not CHICKEN. Lols.

Put God first and connect to the right people. It’s important to whom you’re connected.

There are blessings that belong to you that are attached to people God’s put in your life.


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