Davido’s Charity Inspired Online Fraudsters — Baba Fryo

Nigerian ghetto musician, Baba Fryo says Davido’s recent Twitter fundraiser motivated fraudsters in the entertainment zone.

Baba Fryo was reacting to the kickback that followed his comment about Davido’s N250 million charity.

The singer had claimed that he was neglected by Davido and other musicians at the time he was battling depression.

However, in a follow-up video made available via his Instagram page, Baba Fryo explained that he was not out to pull Davido down.

He mentioned that he only expressed his thoughts about some individuals taking advantage of Davido’s giveaway to extort people.

“I didn’t mean any harm. I was only expressing myself. I heard about one of my friends and shed tears. I only woke up and saw posts responding to a comment about the N250 million Davdo donated,” he said in Pidgin English.

“Someone else posted theirs. They wanted to extort people. What I tried to push for in that post is love for ourselves as entertainers. The electronic and print media, the comedians, the musicians, and actors. We’re all together.

“If one of us has issues, it’s not all about giving them money. People tag you. If you helped me share, I’d be pleased. Money is not everything. We need love in the industry. That was why I was furious. I don’t mean any harm.

“I don’t hate Davido. I love his music and passion for charity work. He’s been doing it all this while and I didn’t complain. After he posted, some others wanted to take advantage of what he posted. You gave them an idea.

“We know it better than you. An idea to extort people. They called me crazy. Between being crazy and being a thief, which is worse? People misunderstood me. If they put it to Davido that I tried to bring him down, I’m not.”

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had earlier cautioned citizens to be on the lookout for a syndicated group looking to defraud victims under the guise of a “Davido-sponsored airtime giveaway”.