2023 : I Do Sympathize With The Igbo But There’s No Constitutional Provision For Zoning — Abdullahi Adamu

Former governor of Nasarawa State , Abdullahi Adamu says the act of zoning the presidency to any ethnic group of Nigeria is unconstitutional.

The next general election comes up in 2023, and there have been suggestions in political horizon that the presidency be zoned to the south-east, considering that the region has never held the position since 1999.

However, while speaking on Monday at a media briefing in Abuja, Adamu stated that anyone aspiring to become the president can only achieve that dream by being voted into office.

The senator representing Nasarawa west added that even though there have been calls that the presidency be zoned to the south-east, there is no constitutional precepts for that.

“Nowhere in the Nigerian constitution does it say we should zone any public office. There is federal character, but not that parties must zone positions for presidency during election,” he said.

“Yes, somebody is saying the east has not had a president. I agree and I sympathise. But the constitution says you can only become president through the ballot box.

“We have been saying it during elections that every vote must count. So, why do you want to zone?

“Let us just go by merit. Let every party find a way of selling itself in a manner that will garner the kind of votes that will win the election. It is as simple as that.

“Do we have anything like that in the American constitution? It is democracy. Why do you want to change it? Wishful thinking only. How do you zone it?”