Voted Buhari to Handle The Insecurity & He didn’t so We Criticise him To wake up


Those of us that supported Buhari to handle the insecurity and he didn’t we criticise him for it !
We voted for him to fight corruption and he’s not doing it to the pace we think he’s capable of , we criticised him for it

We also voted for him to provide jobs for Nigerian and so far so good he’s still got a long way to go in that area and we will be criticising him on that

But When we see the government doing something right we should also commend him as we know Nigeria is not perfect as one nation but for now it’s one and no government will allow any group to openly carried arm’s in the name of any breakaway!

If you wanna break way then Do it the right way !

our Nigeria army Is to protect Nigeria against foreign and internal enemies of the nation!

No nation will allowed What Buhari has allowed in the past 6years so now its time to clear them all out and that includes all the corrupted people around him ! Change is possible