Our Popular British Oyinbo Princess & Her Parents Survived A Serious Car Accident in the UK,

White English woman Popular known as Oyinbo Princess with her social media handle @OyinboPrincess in Nigeria social media cycle has survived a serious car accident in the United Kingdom alongside her mother and father, she the news and thank God for saving her and her family


Reading her testimony, it makes me to remember Nigeria because Nigeria we do not have emergency services or they’re even existing, sad just imagine if you involved in motor accident on the highway in Nigeria.

Just look the image and you will see how many emergency officers are on the scene, so many of them and they came down with the equipment just extract them out of the vehicle


She posted the following statement describing the situation the later the accident and I hope you receive from the emergency services in the United Kingdom,

Dad, Mum and I were in this car. It’s my parents car. Travelling home from my nephew’s 3rd birthday celebration at a lovely adventure park. We were caught in an accident which was very serious. It was a high speed motorway accident and could have ended so differently. Thanks be to God.

My father guided us to safety, his expertise and experience when it comes to driving kept and protected us from another ending. It keeps replaying in my mind, over and over, constantly. The sound of the impacts, the rushing of sirens, the many voices of local front line heros and the frightening sounds of industrial equipment. I had to be excavated via the roof, so they had to remove it to get me out. If you zoom this picture you can see the board being placed behind my back, they used that to then lie me on and carry me to an ambulance. It was one of the worst experiences of my life,.

My thanks are to God firstly, my father’s savy reactions and the massive effort from all the local workers who pulled together to get my mother and I out of the car. They worked seamlessly with compassion, understanding, empathy, professionalism and commitment to us all, at all times. The Ambulance Service,


Police Force, Fire Brigade and Highways Agency were all outstanding @yorksambulance @southyorkshirepolice @northyorkshirepolice @westyorkspolice @yorkshirepolice @wyfrs @syfireandrescue @northyorksfire @nationalhways @highways_agency_rblx My special thanks to every single person who was involved in rescuing us, THANK YOU! Special mention to Richard, a motorbike police officer who went the extra mile to ensure our wellbeing at all times, he is a real asset to the police! My dear sister has been a rock (as usual) holding us all together, being there to support us, I love you so much! Thankfully we are all fine. My parents are home and I have been discharged from hospital, also home resting. It isn’t without sincere thanks to my personal person @walefale for his true friendship shown to at this difficult time. I appreciate you my brother. It’s really been a whirlwind for my family, we are so fortunate. Be thankful for every single thing you have around you, regardless of the situations we confront #OyinboPrincessSaysSo #OgaMa