Dr kemi Olunloyo shared her heartbreaking stories about her Ex-husband & their disabled Son in America

Nigeria’s number investigative journalist and media personnel, Dr. Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has taken to social media platforms to share the of her life, her ex-husband and their disabled son in America

A story few of us know about even though we have seen she’s been through lots, but she has never gone this deep into her personal life and that of her disabled Son, reading her tale one will agree she’s speaking from a place of pain and heartbreak that have taken a toll on her health


Mr Babatunde Ogunade this is my story raising an autistic child. When we arrived in Atlanta for a better life and a new job, my nightmare really started. Instead you found a way to go behind my back to my wicked family to meet your son. These are 911 calls for the fall of 2003. I was attacked by a child with Autism/PDD. You were never present in his life, yet you forget that I had children with someone else who could prove that. He left because he was not man enough and could not handle Enitan. Take a look at the magnitude of trauma I went through. I have 98 more pages in a 10 year period and you still haven’t reached out to me.

My darkest days when my autistic son Enitan was 16yo and totally unmanageable, he posed a danger to me and the other children. At this point the father of the other kids had left because he couldn’t manage Enitan. After he attacked Lade, the state removed him and went to live with his father. Lade was bitten in 6 different spots on his arm. He left my custody in 2000. I have not seen him since 2003 despite court ordered visitation. That’s 18 years. He will be 30yo in November. We only speak via Facebook messenger. He says he doesn’t remember me well. Mr Babs Ogunade did not support me in any way financially or emotionally yet told his son that I kept him away when he was actually married with his own family moving on with his life like nothing happened. Today he’s a divorced man and felt he should just barge into the life of a child he ruined.