“Asking your mum who lives in one of the rooms to add more fire to the juju pot 2Face brother Attacked Annie’s mother

2Face Idibia brother is not having it, as he took social media to attack Annie idibia for exposing his brother on social channels for the world to see. Though he deleted the post, we captured it for you to read below
In the long early morning social Post Annie idibia talked in length of her the sacrifices she made in their marriage, adding that she has always shaded 2Face to say but that she’s had enough and that she has tried, she alleged 2Face’s “family never liked or approved her from the outset she entered this marriage with their Son!

But reacting on his Instagram platform, Charles counter-attacked he said Annie’s was mad because she could no longer complete control of her husband like she used to do in the past.

“You got married into a family of peace lovers, so peaceful that it is even a family flaw, as I realize. Perhaps, this has made you think we are fools,, but we are not,” he wrote.

“You are bringing up a Disney trip that happens pre-COVID because you somehow cannot have your way now like you used to?

“Trying to paint your husband bad because he is a very private person. Is your threat tool a means of gaining control? I thought you were smart abi the dealer gave you the wrong dose today?”

“Asking your mum who lives in one of the rooms to add more fire to the juju pot would have been a smarter move but as God will have it, you chose today to expose yourself,” he added.

Charles alleged that Annie’s mother is using ‘juju’ for her just to sustain the marriage, while he also debunked the film star’s claim that his family never gave her peace.

“You better finish what you started, because maybe the public will help us all. Inno is dying slowly, never seen a man so unhappy in real life,, but we must all maintain peace that never existed from day one.

“The Idibia family never gave you peace? Please bring out all the wrongs and post them on your page. I have a lot to say and I will say it regardless.”