A deeply Concerning’ Video of Officer ‘Attacking on Lone black Woman Walking Dog in a park

It’s an “obvious case of racial profiling,” according to her lawyer.

A disturbing video showing an altercation between a Chicago officer and a lone woman in a park after dark is being investigated by police watchdogs.

The incident occurred just after midnight Friday as the woman, Nikkita Brown, was walking her dog near the lakefront in Lincoln Park. The footage, shot by a witness, shows the officer approach and confront Brown, allegedly because she was in the park after it had closed.

As she backs away in the direction he is ordering, he continues to follow her. According to Brown’s lawyer Keenan J. Saulter, who shared the footage on social media, Brown had asked him to keep six feet back, as he was unmasked. But as the video shows, he remains right in her face even as she backpedals.

But when Brown stops to take out her cellphone and record the encounter, the officer suddenly lunges and tries to grab it from her hands. He twists her arm around and begins pulling her around; her terrified screams can be heard across the park.

The altercation continues for well over a minute; as he wrestles the much smaller woman, her shoes come off, she drops her phone, and her tiny dog — who is getting dragged around alongside her on its leash — appears just as scared as she is.null

According to Saulter who’s acting as young women Lawyer said , it was an “obvious case of racial profiling

“As you will note, there were other individuals in the park that night, as Ms. Brown saw a group of approximately four White people walking some distance behind her, but in view of this Officer just prior to the beginning of their engagement (which started while the Officer was in his vehicle and Ms. Brown was walking),” he wrote.null

After returning home, Brown immediately called 911. A sergeant from the 18th District came to her house and took her statement, promising to bring her back a copy that morning. According to Saulter, she still hasn’t received it.

“Ms. Brown is suffering from emotional trauma as a result of this brutal, unprovoked and unlawful attack by this Chicago Police Department Officer,” he wrote. “Please help us identify this Officer so we can make a formal complaint.”

On Sunday night, Chicago PD tweeted that it was aware of the footage, and had alerted police watchdog COPA, or Chicago Office of Police Accountability. COPA is not part of the CPD but, as their website states, “a completely independent agency within the City of Chicago responsible for the intake of all complaints regarding allegations of misconduct by CPD members and the investigation of such allegations.”