A Former Afghanistan Minister of information and communications, now Delivering Pizza in Germany

Former Afghan minister Syed Ahmad Shah

A former minister in the government of Afghanistan has been spotted in his new job in Germany delivering pizza .

Former Afghan minister Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat, Afghanistan’s former minister of information and communications, was spotted by a local journalist in Germany’s Leipzig city when he was on his way to make a delivery on his bicycle.

The former minister began working as a delivery executive for food delivery company Livrando after his money ran out, reported Sky News. Mr Saadat said his story should “serve as a catalyst to change the way high-ranking people live their lives in Asia and the Arab world”.

Mr Saadat was first appointed minister the government of the now-exiled president Ashraf Ghani as a cabinet minister in 2018. But After serving for two years, however, Mr Saadat resigned and left the country for Germany last December.