Birthday Celebration: You’re A Man Of Extreme Industry, Continue To Grow – MOAS Celebrate Nahims South West President, Olurotimi Ayomide

Oluwarotimi Ayomide, APEX, NAHIMS South West President

Founder of MOAS solidarity movement and a Board member of PYAfrica Nigeria Initiative Platform, Mustapha Olaniyi has joined entire cosmopolitan student to celebrate Com. Elijah Olumide, NAHIMS South West President on his natal day celebration, describing him as a friend and lover of progress

Olaniyi Mustapha in a get together party organized by a group of friend at Awrab Suite Hotel Offa, Kwara State described Olumide Ayomide, APEX, as a fastidious erudite, verbal servant with scrupulous disposition, noting his word reminds of the abilities within

Mustapha Olaniyi run as a presidential opposition to Olumide Ayomide in the last Nahims South West conference held at Ilese Ogun State

In a statement by his Chief publicity secretary, Clement Olafusi “, he described the Nahims South West President as a “pillar and catapillar of struggle, man of impeccable character, strategist planner, and a fastidious erudite who mingle and dine with the intellectuals not mediocre.”

MOAS further seized the avenue urge the President to hold his personal high in forthcoming Kogi Nahims National Convention.

He called on him not to be use or maneuver by anybody :”You are a great cosmopolitan with vast attribute of Leadership, coming election in Kogi will set another path in our Students struggle and aesthation of our association.”

MOAS pray that almighty God bless the Nahims South West President with vision and Strength