An optometrist and a former contestant on the reality show, Ultimate Love, Theresa Ugorji, has said  being engaged to a co-contestant on the show was a dream come true for her.

The 25-year-old actress said, I have been in a relationship with Iyke since we left the show and we have always talked about how we wanted to build a life together. So, him asking for my hand in marriage was not a surprise, the surprise was the timing. I did not see it coming that day, which was my 25th birthday. I think he chose me because I am everything he wants in a woman. I also knew he was the one I wanted because I had a picture of the kind of man I would love to spend my life with and he fit well into it. I am glad that we love and understand each other so much.

“Marriage is a school one never really graduates from, so I would say I am ready for this journey with him— to learn and unlearn, and be happy together no matter the odds. I am 25 and I’m not too young for marriage.”

Ugorji also stated that the public scrutiny that came with the relationship could be overwhelming. She said, “Public relationships could sometimes go sour because of too much publicity and exposure. It is indeed hectic. That is why I and Iyke put extra efforts into ours so it does not go sour. The most important thing is that we want to be with each other, so we use that as a driving force to block the ‘noise’ and keep it going. We make sure we set goals so high and side talks do not affect us. We hope it continues to be that way.”


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