IPOB charismatic and highly revered leader has taken a full advantage of Nigeria President who has already declared dead and berried in somewhere in London shortly after 2015, Buhari famously declared himself not dead in Poland as the news gathered more waves,

even now many Nigerian still can be sure Buhari is not dead because whichever way you see it, Nigeria doesn’t seem like we have a president, @MaziNnamdiKanu paristant has made More and more Nigerians are joining Biafra and NNAMDI KANU is winning this war against Nigeria lifeless president who can’t even secure his house villa, his wife is in hiding, he’s children are in hiding, Tinubu is jumping up and down looking for president that will never come because the time Fulani will finish with him former EFCC chairman Ibrahim Magu disgrace will be a child’s play !

Everyone that supported this dead president to power are now regretting their decision, show us what FULANI has brought to Nigeria? Can anybody pinpoint any Fulani that have made this decision proud in any field? They are known for destroying things ! We should never be in one Nation together!


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