Eedris Abdulkareem vs Festus Keyamo Saga: A Show of Shame On Social Media – MOAS

I was occupied when the drama erupted on social media. Although I was following the vibes and savage responses from both sides including bashing from commentators but could not compose my thought and stand point when the memes was hot and burning.

The media war between a reputable Minister, Festus Keyamo and Nigerian rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem dragged many Nigerians to the court of public opinions. As many see some senses in what Keyamo did and praised him for exposing a long time private messages between him and the rapper. Many at the same time got disappointed in the honorable Minister for stooping so low to that extent of waspish revelation of what is expected to be private.

From the leaked text messages, Eedris actually approached Keyamo for a favour. Other request to support President Buhari’s campaign was additional to get the loan from Keyamo.

Here is unedited text of Eedris as revealed by Keyamo : ”Thank God I finally met you today. Baba pls I need one small favour I need you in the name of God and our long time relationship to give me a loan to pay my outstanding bill and go back to Lagos and take care of my sick mum that undergoes dialysis once in a month”

From the above, Eedris initially approached Keyamo for loan help in the name of God and long time friendship. Of course, no one gives you a loan and leaves you alone. I see other attachment of campaigning for Buhari as an avenue to seal the loan deal.

Many people opined that Eedris messed himself for turning himself to a beggar with such respect and humility before Keyamo and on the other hand, forming activist. Many accused Eedris of having interest in the National cake. Eedris approached Keyamo as a long time friend and the kind of relationship the duo maintained, not as a stranger. If not because of the relationship between them, why Kenyamo and not other Politician