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The report concludes there was ‘failure’ on the part of France over the genocide that saw about 800,000 people slaughtered in 1994.

France bears “overwhelming responsibilities” over the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and was “blind” to preparations for the massacres, a report by historians said on Friday but added there was no evidence Paris was complicit in the killings.

A historical commission set up by President Emmanuel Macron concluded there had been a “failure” on the part of France under former leader Francois Mitterrand over the genocide that saw about 800,000 people slaughtered, mainly from the ethnic Tutsi minority.

Historian Vincent Duclert, who headed the commission, handed over the damning report to Macron at the Elysee Palace after years of accusations that France did not do enough to halt the killings and was even complicit in the crimes.

The genocide between April and July of 1994 began after Rwanda’s Hutu president Juvenal Habyarimana, with whom Paris had cultivated close ties, was killed when his plane was shot down over Kigali on April 6.


Many skulls of survivors of the Rwandan destruction rest in a commemoration outside a congregation in Ntarama, south of Kigali 

25 years on, the issue actually harms current relations among France and Rwanda under its dubious President Paul Kagame, a previous Tutsi rebel who has controlled the rocky country in Africa’s Great Lakes district since the result of the slaughter.

“Is France an associate to the annihilation of the Tutsi? On the off chance that by this we mean an eagerness to join a destructive activity, nothing in the chronicles that were analyzed exhibits this,” the report’s decisions said.

“By the by, for quite a while, France was associated with a system that supported bigoted slaughters … It stayed ignorant concerning the readiness of a massacre by the most extreme components of this system.”

The report reprimanded the French specialists under Mitterrand for embracing a “double view” that set Habyarimana as a “Hutu partner” against an “foe” of Tutsi powers upheld by Uganda and afterward offering military mediation just “behind schedule” when it was past the point where it is possible to end the destruction.

“The exploration, consequently, sets up a bunch of obligations, both genuine and overpowering,” it said.

writer Andrew Wallis disclosed to Al Jazeera the report is “dangerous stuff”.

“The one thing that stood apart for me was the reality they’re saying French insight realized it was Hutu fanatics that shot President Habyarimana’s plane down, which was viewed as the trigger for the destruction,” Wallis said.

“A past French appointed authority’s report had rejected that and accused President Kagame’s RPF [Rwandan Patriotic Front party], and this deception has done the rounds for a very long time. It was in their chronicles that they realized this truth be told was false.”


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