A Nigerian Photographer who identify himself on Twitter as TheMouthPiss has alleged Burna Boy of Intellectual property theft.

The Photographer claimed that the Burna Boy’s album art concept was the concept he used in one of his photo shoot a year back.

He called out for help after he claimed his intellectual property was stolen by Burna Boy for his Twice As Tall album.

He also revealed that he would claim damages and Burna Boy would be held responsible.

Read his tweet;

“Remember this my Picture from 2019?Thats how @burnaboy went to copy and use it for #TWICEASTALL in 2020.

“i cry out On behalf of my other brothers who cry that their ideas are being stolen.

“This intellectual property theft is paining my lungs.

“#BurnaBoy must pay me damages Loudly crying face”

The world is waiting and hoping for a response from Burna Boy about this accusation.


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