BBNAIJA: “Let’s Just Be Close Friends For Now”, Kiddwaya Says As He Breaks Up With Erica.

Kiddwaya and Erica are the closest couple in the house but lately it hasn’t been going well with their relationship. With the likes of many lovely couples in the Big Brother House, such as Neo and Vee Prince and Tolanibaj, Ozo and Nengi, BrightO and Wathoni and also Kiddwaya and Erica.

Some weeks ago, both of them are said to be very close and always kissing. But since last week things hasn’t been going on well with them.

Late Last week Erica and Wathoni were fighting, then Wathoni asked Kiddwaya a question and he answered politely. Also this week she had an argument with Lucy and it seems Kiddwaya supported Lucy.

Few days later, when both of them were talking, she said Kiddwaya wasn’t loyal to her and whenever she had a fight with someone he doesn’t support her.

Later, they played a game, during the game BrightO was massaging Erica and he asked Kiddwaya if he could continue and he said yes.

After the game she went to meet Kiddwaya and told him that he was cool with what he did during the game. She told her that he could have shown a little jealousy.

After that, Kiddwaya told Erica that maybe they should just be close friends.

According to kiddwaya, he said he doesn’t want to hurt any body’s feelings and that they should just be cool friends for now.

Is there any close chance for them going back together?. Share your thoughts