Ben Samuel


White society was intentionally built to be racist!  
The society was built this way include our systems of government, commerce or policing so black people are treated unequal in most establishments we have been at the receiving end of the humiliating discrimination in the society

The UK systematic racism is everywhere if you care to look but for some many people they are benefiting from it
UK that massively benefited from slaves trade can not exempt itself from the current conversation about the need to change narratives and make sure the society applied its laws to citizens without prejudice!

So when we say (BLACK Lives MATTER)it’s doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter it’s just that ours has been under attack for over 400 years and now it’s time for us to look into our heart and let that clogs of heart out ! So whenever you object that words BLACK LIVES MATTER it’s simply because you don’t really believe it matter so it’s become hard for you to accept it!

Ben Samuel


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