Lady Marlene Onyeocha

“Lady Marlene Onyeocha CEO of Prime View Television is angered by the Biafra Agitators”.

I am sick and tired of all the Biafra agitators that go on social media condemning Chief John Nnia Nwodo and Ohaneze Ndi lgbo.
Enough is Enough.
The most annoying thing is claiming that Chief Nwodo is a sabotage that betrayed them.
How dare them.

How many of them witnessed the Biafran Civil war?
How many walked from Onitsha to Umuahia for days in the bush witnessing gruesome sights of dead bodies like l did?
How many fed on formula 2 that is if they know what that was?
How many fed on Lizards and Rats and grasshoppers because there were no meats?
How many felt the shells of bombers as they were dropped next to you and watch people run helter-skelter for cover?
How many saw their fathers, uncles and brothers picked up and killed just because they are male?
How many saw young boys as young as 9years old given machine guns and forced to the war fronts and they never came back?
Tell me how many watched their mothers, aunties and sisters expecially in Umuahia before it was captured, raped, killed and forcefully taken away and some married off.

Until your answers to these questions are YES, DO NOT INSULT Chief Nnia Nwodo.
Not only did he witness the war, he fought for Biafra to gain freedom.
You freedom agitators and your mouthy supporters should go home and agitate properly.
You can not value your freedom in Diaspora and call yourselves freedom fighters.

Buhari brought python dance ! Ohanaeze and Chief Nwodo and some Elder statesmen that you all are insulting condemned the python dance.
Chief Nwodo announced at Chatham house in London that the attack was illegal and unacceptable.
Ohanaeze offered to provide IPOB with legal team to sue the Federal Government. However, IPOB preferred propaganda.

At this time of uncertainty in South East, STOP issuing threats to your elders or anyone that oppose your ideology expecially now that we have invaders that we cannot explain.
When someone’s house is on fire, he reaches for an extinguisher and not fight each other.

This is unacceptable!


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