RCCG Pastor and his wife arranged the Rape and killing of Uwa

According to sources close to the investigation they have confirmed that the raped and killing of this young lady in the church was arranged by a pastor from the same church redeemed Christian Church

According to the information the victim was pregnant and a person responsible for her pregnancy is a pastor in the church where she rapped and murdered ,he made arrangements to kill her as she refused to terminate the pregnancy

He refused to take responsibility and he wanted the pregnant to disappear

He then made a hidden arrange with his wife after he confessed to his wife of what he has done to the young lady

Both him and his wife then made decided to hired some tugs at the cost of N1.5 million to kill the young lady at their next meeting point

The arrested suspect Mr Chibuzo confessed to DSS that, it was the RCCG pastor that paid them 1.5 million naira to kill the year one UNIBEN student According to our source
The pastor impregnated the girl and asked her to abort the baby, the young lady refused to terminate the pregnancy .

The pastor then made arrangement for them to meet at their normal meeting point , which is the church, by then the pastor in arrangement with his wife and have already paid hoodlums N1.5M

When the girl got the church instead of meeting with the pastor in the church, The girl met the hoodlums. The hoodlums used fire extinguisher to hit her on her head and made her unconscious , The killer then rapped her while unconscious , they took their turns to rapped her to make it more believable to cover the pastor when they finished they then killed the girl

The management of redeem Christian church must take responsibility for what is going on their church right now as all indication showing it’s an inside job also the management of the church is aware of the situation and now the hierarchy of redeemed Christian Church must come out clear now and make their position clear especially the general overseer of the church pastor Enoch Adeboye