Why I Broke My WEMA Alat ATM Card And Stopped Going Cashless- Nigerian Man Narrates

I suffered a failed POS transaction yesterday,I sent Wema ALAT a mail and they are yet to reply as of now (almost 24 hours later).

I called them this morning and listened to a recorded message about how my call may be delayed because of COVID-19. I quickly cut the call. Their customer wasn’t effective before the virus came along, so I wonder what to expect now.

I later visited their bank and the customer care rep told me the transaction will be reversed within 14 days, if they were sure that I was really unable to withdraw the money.

14 days? Why is this so?

The money doesn’t even belong to me and the owner is very angry with me right now. Someone sent it to her and she wanted to use someone else’s account to receive it, but I convinced her to use me—and then this happened.

Worse, she needs it for feeding and I don’t have any money to give her. (She wasn’t paying me for the service in case you’re wondering.)

I suffered the same thing in the hands of GTB. (Their regular customer service email complaints@gtbank.com isn’t even working anymore.)

In fact, I opened a WEMA Alat account because of GTB’s failures. I thought Alat will be better since they marketed themselves as a “Digital Bank”, but it appears that I was wrong. They are “digital” in name only.

This should be the third or fourth time WEMA Alat is doing this sort of nonsense to me. And that is without counting the failed mobile and POS transfers.

I am actually not concerned about GTB’s and Wema’s failures. I just hate their terrible customer service.

Failed transactions are one thing. I actually consider them normal. However, poor customer service and unwillingness to quickly solve failed online transactions aren’t. And this is unfortunately common with most banks and businesses in this country.

Now, I’ve have made the decision to stop going cashless. I will start moving around with cash henceforth. I’m sick and tired of all these failed POS transactions and sluggish customer service reps.

I know I will still do some online transactions but that will be occasionally (online shopping, international payments, etc.)

That said, I want you all to answer these two questions:

1. Which bank is reliable for online transactions?

2. Which bank has the most effective customer care service in this country?

I’m thinking of opening a Union bank account since I can see they have revamped their business, but I don’t want to jump into conclusions as I did with Alat.

Could you all help me out?

P.S. Please UBA and Skye (if this one still exists) are out of the equation. I used them in the past and can confidently say they are terrible. They steal money.

I don’t want Access bank too. I’ve never read anything good about them. They and fraud are relatives. I don’t want Diamond bank either since they are the new owners of Access bank.

So, any suggestions?