The victim in red and his body on the ground

The guy that killed his friend and sold his car is now in police custody confessing why how he decided to murder his longtime friend

in his word while been questioned, He said killed him just because bought new vehicle

I murder Him because of the new vehicle he bought himself,

The suspect kidnapped his friend Mr Micah Isaiah also known as Leo and murdered him sometime in may , the victim decomposed body has now been found and the killer is confessing why he committed this crime

The crime took place on the May 12, around Willow Wood hotel in the Imo State capital, Owerri.

The victim is said to be a good friend of his killer and the victim had always be there for his killer and has render a lot of help to him

The investigative officer stated this is a case of jealousy According to the sources of the Investigations conducted, the killer became jealous of his friend after he bought a brand new Lexus es350.

He decided the best thing to do is to kidnap him , after kidnapping him {Leo} he took him to Anambra State, where his Lexus es350 was sold and made away with the valuables of the deceased friend.

in his confessed statment he state how he hired people who ware military uniform to abducted his friend to the busy where they killed him

After setting up the plan he then joined the victim and seating down with him the people he had hired came in a military uniform, even though it was all along he’s plan he pretended to be surprised of the arrival of the kidnappers, the kidnappers abducted two of them into the car and zoom off

The suspect confessed when they got to their scene of crime in Anambra, he smashed his head with a very big stone and he diead instantly, the stone used was visible at the scene

The police confirmed the investigation continue and they tend to bring all other people that were involved in this case to justice


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