Are you aware that Igbos win State and Federal elections in Lagos that is another man’s land, get political appointments in States outside the SouthEast?

Have you seen any of these in reverse happen in Igbo land? Where a northerner or a Yoruba man contest for any political post in the east and get the support of the Igbos? Yet they say we are marginalized. Please who is marginalizing who?

Are you aware that in Enugu, an Abia state person cannot be employed in civil service, how on earth can they appoint other tribe?
Meanwhile we are marginalized.

Do they sell lands in the east to other tribes to build companies or private houses? Your answer is as good as mine

For Imo state man to even go to Anambra and marry is a serious war. Scrutiny and bigotry is the order of the day. Unless the both couple love themselves so much that they go against their families, we don’t marry from other states smoothly in the east, meanwhile we are marginalized.

I have never seen a group of people who want to rule the world but they never want to be ruled like IPOB members

The most hypocritical tribe in Nigeria is Igbo! They are hypocritical to an extent that what they can’t take in their respective states , they are ready to have it in other none igbo states with agression.

It’s easier for An Anambra man to marry from Kogi than to marry from Imo state which is an Igbo state too. It’s a pity. Your family will make you see other states like they are cursed.

I have always said….Nigerians love igbos that’s why they can safely live in every part of the country and even marry there, contest elections there and win

the problem of Igbos is Igbos,not Yoruba, not Fulani. For once , blame yourselves and stop blaming others for your woes.

There is no state I have not been to in Nigeria and there is nothing that shows Igbos are not been loved. They are loved by everyone. They are the ones who make things difficult for themselves.

Even as far as Kano state, Igbos contest for councilorship and win. They have SAs to the Governor who are Igbos. Can they allow anyone from another tribe contest in the east? Who exactly is marginalizing who?

People from other parts of Nigeria are not allocated shops in major markets in SE, not to talk of political appointments. Conduct a survey in Onitsha, Aba & Nnewi & U will see what am talking about.

How are you going to have a Port? The Southeast is landlocked. They already have Economic Bases all over Nigeria. More than 70% of Igbos live outside the south east and are doing their businesses unhindered.

Don’t take other tribes to be fools and think you have all the wisdom because of their generosity. Blame other tribes where you have to, blame yourselves when you have to. Stop making it look like other tribes are eating chicken and you are given stone.

Play politics like politics and stop complaining up and down. Nobody cares

Instead of to preach salvation In churches, Priests and pastors preach hate everyday on the pulpit. The north this, north that, Fulani this, Fulani that. The gullible congregation go home with it and continue to preach hate.

To contest for Governorship in the east is determined by who is a catholic and who is not but you see them everyday Blaming other tribes as if they are doing theirs right.

The highest level of political idiocy I have seen in my life is Some Igbos in PDP thinking PDP is their ancestral Heritage, yet they can’t produce a Presidential Candidate.

It’s time to buckle up and end this blame games. Nobody cares. Only you can solve your problems yourselves – Hedliger Pigo