Only the greedy ones fall for this kind of Yahoo boy scam email

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My Dear Friend,
My name is Mrs.Girdaladze Krummenacher
I’m an American currently hospitalized in a private hospital here in
New York as a result of cancer?
My purpose of writing to you is because I was led by the spirit of God to
offer you the money that I and My late husband have in our private account.

I’m 79 year old and may  have no need for the fund, since my doctors
have officially given me a date of surgery and also  informed me that
my survival during my last surgery will be by his grace couple with
the current pandemic of corona virus.

I and my  husband were together for many years, without kids of our own.
I’m offering you this sum of money as a donation for the work of God and
charity and to take care of orphans and help the less privileged.
May the good Lord bless you and your family.

I will direct you on how to receive the fund once I receive your
response to my request.
Please don’t fail to place me in your daily prayers. bless you.
Mrs.Girdaladze Krummenacher