“ON YOUR OWN”: Government Is Not Easing The Lockdown Because The Coast Is Clear Or No More COVID-19 Cases. |Nig24news

This! is giving Nigerians what they want because the fallout of this decision will be on them.

Come Monday,4th May, many people will go about their affairs with no care or fear for the virus, some at this point still believe this pandemic is a sham, In the end, the virus will spread and curtailment will become onerous.

When that happens: many people will be left to die, treatment will be according to status and the masses will suffer because then, treatment will come at a cost!🙆‍♂️

Those of you thinking that by causing chaos you can force the Government to lift the ban, or those saying I would rather die of covid 19 than hunger, and those saying no palliative no stay at home, bear in mind that whatever happens to you will be a “YOU” problem not the ‘Governments’.

The countries sharing relief items to their residents didn’t just get there suddenly, it’s the product of a working “SYSTEM” built overtime with continuous modifications! Nigeria is not there yet and can’t be overnight!

So, before you put yourself at risk, remember that these people you think you are fighting will steer clear of the virus(no hustling and bustling) and if by chance get infected, will get firsthand treatment before 100 persons will be tested!😱

Putting yourself at risk is not the best way to fight, you can only fight now because you are alive and hale, once that changes(when you catch covid 19) food, work, movement, won’t matter anymore!😱😱

As you step out, consider these:

1. Can the government manage a full-blown covid 19 crisis?

2. Can you afford the treatment? And

3. Can you even get the treatment?

Covid 19 is very much around, if you can help it STAY IN….STAY SAFE….TILL IT’S SAFE OUT THERE!!