The Comprehensive Update On The Agreement Between FG And Health Care Workers.

1. The FG invited representatives of Unions of health care workers to a meeting to make inputs into what it was developing as COVID 19 hazard and inducement allowances. In attendance at the meeting were HMoLE, HMSH, NSIWC and some directors in the ministries.

2. Previously, NMA through its committees on remuneration and welfare had developed a proposal for this purpose in case of need.

3. This proposal served to first bring on board NANNM and PSN to same page and the agreements was jointly endorsed and presented to the FG at the meeting where JOHESU was also represented.

4. The highlight of agreements at the meeting are as follows

a) upward review of hazard allowance.
The meeting agreed that the current hazard be put aside and a new hazard be adopted for 3months in the first instance pending the period of the pandemic at the following rates.

i. All health care workers in Federal service and tertiary hospitals to get 50% of their consolidated basic as hazard allowance.

ii. All health care workers in State house hospital and clinics of MDAs to get 40% of their consolidated basic as hazard allowance

iii. All health care workers working directly in isolation/ treatment centres to get additional 20% of their 50% as special risk allowance. They will also get a top-up lump sum from the funds of the PTF (amount yet to be determined).

b)On insurance
i. FG has paid for group life insurance for all workers including health to cover for up to 300% of annual take home in case of infirmity, permanent disability or death

ii. FG has reactivated the employees compensation act provision of 2010 and in the event of death in the course of duty the deceased family will get training of 4 children up to tertiary level or up to 21years of age.

iii. Also FG has reserved donations from NSITF for those directly involved in treatment/ isolation centres additionally.

c) Retirement age
FG to look at extension of the age to 65yrs for all health care professionals and 70 for consultants special grades post COVID peak era but in the interim will look at possibility of granting extension for those due within the COVID era for 3 months in the first instance.

d) Tax Rebate
A proposal of waiver on tax on professional allowances was made and FG is to bring this up with finance to fine tune.

e) PPE
FG has made commitments to ensure that all health care professionals in federal health institutions get PPEs proportionate to their requirements moving forward.

f) FG made a commitment to bring to the notice of State governors these incentives in order to facilitate their synchrony for State health care workers.