Gov. Ben Ayade orders the production of face masks in Cross river state

The Covid-19 as a global disease as affected virtually all aspects of the global economy, while some are loosing excessively, some are gaining in an unusual manner.

The Medical practitioners in the country have advised the use of the facemask as a means of preventing one’s self from this disease, however, the availability of face masks is now a question of how much you are willing to pay for it’s purchase, which puts the poor on the vulnerable edge because of the inflation on the facemasks.

In Cross river state, the governor of the state, Gov. Ben Ayade has ordered the immediate production of the facemask in the state’s equiped garment factory, this is done in an effort to increase the production of the facemask and enable it go round the entire state without distress.

The production of the facemask has started and here is a picture of the Governor inspecting the production.