Report has it that a 24 years old lady Identified as Esther Emmanuel has been arrested by River State Police Command over an immoral sexual conduct with a 4 Years Old boy said to be her employer’s son.

Information gathered shows that theAccording lady was brought from Canada to work as a maid about 3 month ago to work as a maid but was caught engaging the employer’s son in an immoral conduct along the line when the boy revealed his experience to their family doctor upon having serious pains in his male organ.

The boy reported that she has been asking him to put his male organ in her own female organ whenever they are alone and that she plays with his organ during his bath times, the boy also told his doctor of how she threatened him with spirits anytime he wishes to say anything about it.

Esther on the other hand has been taken in by the police for questioning and the parents if the victim do hope justice serves her right.



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