The Daughter of former Angola president is the richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos got access to profitable deals involving land, oil, diamonds, and telecoms once her father was president of the Republic of Angola, a southern African nation wealthy in natural resources.
The documents show however she and her husband were allowed to shop for valuable state assets in an exceedingly series of suspicious deals.
Ms. Dos port says the allegations against her ar entirely false which there’s politically motivated harassment by the Angolan government.
The former president’s female offspring has created the united kingdom her home and owns valuable properties in central London.
She is already beneath criminal investigation by the authorities in an African country for corruption and her assets within the country are frozen.
Now BBC Panorama has been given access to over 700,000 leaked documents concerning the billionaire’s business empire.
Most were obtained by the Platform to safeguard Whistle-blowers in Africa and shared with the International pool of fact-finding Journalists (ICIJ).
They’ve been investigated by thirty-seven media organizations as well as The Guardian and Portugal’s Expresso newspaper.
Andrew Feinstein, the top of Corruption Watch, says the documents show however Ms. Dos port exploited her country at the expense of standard Angolans.
“Every time she seems on the quilt of some shiny magazine somewhere within the world, anytime that she hosts one among her glamourous parties within the south of France, she is doing this by sound on the aspirations of the voters of the African country.”
The ICIJ has known as the documents The Luanda Leaks.
The oil association
One of the foremost suspicious deals was run from London through a GB subsidiary of the Angolan state company Sonangol.
Ms. Dos Santos had been placed to blame of the troubled Sonangol in 2016, due to a presidential decree from her father Jose Eduardo dos port, WHO unbroken a decent grip on his country for the thirty-eight years he was in power.
But once he retired as president in September 2017 her position was presently beneath threat, even supposing his selected successor came from identical party. Ms. Dos Santos was pillaged 2 months later.
Many Angolans are shocked at the approach that President Joao Lourenço has gone once the business interests of his predecessor’s family.


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