CORONNAVIRU: China’s Richest Man Jack Ma Donates $14 Million To Find Cure To Deadly Virus

The prominent Chinese Business Leader Jack Ma has donated $14 million through his Alibaba Foundation to help develop a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus, according to a report.

The Alibaba founder has allocated $5.8 million to two Chinese government research organizations with the remaining funds going to support “prevention and treatment” efforts, according to CNN report Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson previously


said it’s “Pretty confident” the company can provide a vaccine We have a large number scientists working on this so we’re very optimistic to get a positive result and stay active for the longer term,” Paul Stoffels, the company’s chief scientific officer, told CNBC.But he said it could take up to a year for the vaccine to be available on the market.“Hopefully in the few weeks we’ll see how things goes,” Stoffels added, according to the report.The new coronavirus has claimed more than 100 lives emerge in the metropolis of Wuhan and no cure has been found yet