Iran sentence drug-trafficking ringleader to life in prison

An international drug trafficking ring leader named the “Crocodile of the Persian Gulf” alongside his accomplice has been arrested and executed by Iran. They were said to be operating under different disguises unknown to people but have been caught while transporting over 100 tonnes of drugs over international water.

Hormozghan chief prosecutor Ali Salehi reportedly said he identifies the ring leader whose initial is “A.Z” and his accomplice”M.I”. He further said intelligence operation has going being going undercover for the past four to five years to arrest the 36year old ring leader who has led one of the biggest and most vicious drug trafficking networks in Iran.

It was also made known that the convicted leader has smuggled over 400 tonnes of drugs over the years of operation and laundered 20trillion rials($147.3 million) into the country’s real estate sector. The prosecutor also made it known that other members of this drug trafficking group were also sentenced to 420years imprisonment and to pay a fine of 21 billion rials ($154,753).